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I am a boy wedgie slave you can be my master
I will be the wedgie master
I will be the wedgie master
I am a boy looking for a wedgie master
I am a 17 year old boy who lives with his sister.  My parents Died last year and my sister is old enough to be my guardian. Now I really like wedgies but I won't like them after this week. It all started when my sister called me downstairs. As soon as she did. I ran to my room and put on a diaper. My sister don't know I have them. They were left in my closet since I was a baby. I wanted my sister to notice my diaper and give me a wedgie so I pulled my pants down a little so the top of the diaper was showing. When I got to her room I purposely bent over so she could see the diaper and she told me to come to her and when I did she look at me for a little then pansed me revealing the diaper she laughed and gave me a wedgie I peed myself while she did that so she spanked me which I loved. I was trying not to moan. She let me go and changed me into some thongs and gave me another wedgie. She picked me right off the ground. It felt so good. Then the thong ripped and I fell to the ground. She took my shirt off and gave me some hello kittie panties and a bra. My butt was on fire. She gave me a bra connection wedgie and put a diaper on me and told me I had to pee and poop before bed. 
I am a boy wedgie slave you can be my master




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